FAQ - Frequently asked questions

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Over 12 people in our group. Which boat is best for us?

A boat may hold a maximum of twelve passengers plus crew, according to Spanish law. If there are more than twelve individuals in your group, it is better to charter two or three boats.

What activities are available on a day charter?

We will recommend a certain region based on the weather forecast. Many visitors come to Formentera to cruise down the coast and sample top-notch Mediterranean cuisine at one of the wonderful restaurants; others have onboard catering to make the most of their boat.

We advise you not to make too many plans for a single day. Take in the scenery, relax, and take it slow while you familiarise yourself with the shoreline.

So, what exactly is included in the price?

This will vary according to the sort of boat that you charter. Our agents will provide you with the necessary information.

Generally, the price includes the following:

– Mooring at the marina of departure
– Towels – Skipper
– Refreshments on a complimentary basis
– Cleaning

Not included are the following:

– Fuel
– Moorings in additional marinas
– Service fee/tips

When does the charter begin and when does it end?

This varies according to the type of boat and the season.
The majority of boats are available beginning at 10:00 a.m. and must return to port at sunset.

Please contact us if you prefer to enjoy the sunset on board.

Is it possible to hire boats with or without a skipper?

Yes. Boats are available with or without a captain, and occasionally both are available for the same boat. Verify this point in the boat’s description. Yachts larger than 15m are often hired exclusively with crew.

Is it legal for me to rent or even drive a boat without having a boating licence?

Yes, you can rent a boat without a valid driver’s licence. Without a licence, boats up to 5 metres in length and 15 horsepower can be rented in Spain.

If you wish to drive a larger boat on your own, you must obtain the necessary licence. The type of boat requires a different type of licence (sailing or motor boat, inland or sea).

A second possibility is to rent a boat with a skipper. This manner, even without a valid licence, you can enjoy discovering Ibiza or Formentera from a boat.

How do I book ?

Contact us on our contact page. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for us to assist you in selecting the appropriate boat.

Include the following information: dates, the boat(s) you’re interested in renting, your budget, the number of passengers, and anything else you believe could be helpful.

After we’ve confirmed everything, we’ll require a 50% deposit to hold the boat for you.

Your reservation is not confirmed until we receive your deposit.

How is the cost of fuel calculated?

We calculate fuel expenses in two ways.

1. Because our estimations are based on established routes, they will be the same each time.
2. By using a metre to determine the number of hours the engines were operating and the amount of fuel they consumed every hour.

Are we able to make special requests or arrange for catering?

Absolutely, chat to us about what you’d like to do and we’ll assist you with any special events or catering that you may require.